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Winning for Our Union

The National Pay Campaign

My over-riding priority is building our members’ power to win better pay.

Civil servants’ pay is now 10% worse off than all other public sector workers. And unless we all act together the government will widen this gap by holding pay down.

We know that civil service bosses connived to keep pay rises at 1.5% or below, even when more money was available.

I welcome the NEC’s decision to deepen our organising effort in workplaces, consult widely on a further statutory ballot in the spring for a single UK civil service-wide national ballot for strike action on pay in the Spring.

Those arguing for a disaggregated ballot, with or without discrete demands, contrary to ADC and NEC policy, are tactically wrong. I see dangers in allowing the bosses to divide and rule on departmental pay. 

When workers believe and understand their own power, then they will rise. Organising ballot-ready workplaces and strike-ready members must be our over-riding priority.  We must enlist our entire activist base too in this task.  Our reps and leaders must also believe we can win on pay, and not fear asking their own members to take action.

If elected AGS, I will commit to fully supporting and actively developing ADC policies and NEC strategies on pay. I believe we can win.

This next pay ballot must be used as an opportunity to pull our resources and grow our union’s industrial power. We cannot leave members in lower participation areas behind on pay.

I believe that in order to win on our key national industrial demands at the negotiating table, we must have a clear demand that is just and understood by our membership.

In order to win at the bargaining table, our employers need to feel the heat of a high density and high participation union culture across every employer, group, region and nation in the UK.

Now is the time to be bold. We can win a fair pay rise, but only if we build confidence in our members of their own power. We must channel all our efforts into breaking beyond the 50% threshold in the national ballot, and towards a supermajority.

Winning with Groups

Our PCS national groups are organised around civil service delegated structures and the commercial sector. Yet we are one national union, ultimately subject to the employment, pay, terms and conditions set out by the government of the day. Our group democracy determines group policies and strategies on pay, within national policy.

Local confidence is key to winning nationally. When union members win on branch demands, then they have the confidence to win on sector-wide things, like national pay and PMR.

Recent group workplace based organising in the MoJ on MAP bolstered recruitment to our union.

Our collective agreement on Fair Work with the Scottish Government is only the start of a widespread workplace organising campaign across the sector to create Fair Work demands on the ground.

Industrial Action Strategy

I believe that a fighting union is one which is continuously striving to be strike-ready.  I support the hundreds of branches who have contributed to our industrial action strategy. I support their call for sustained, targeted action supported by a fighting fund.

If you want to win locally, in your department and nationally, then sign up to my campaign HERE.