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Maximising Our Political Power

Power In and Out the Workplace

Our members do not exist in a vacuum. When they leave the workplace they are still PCS members but also have demands and struggles they face in their home life. We know that PCS members have had to rely on foodbanks and struggle to pay the rent at the end of each month. The solutions to these problems require our union to build its power, but also in building our political power, and challenging the structural problems in society, as without a radical change from the current politics of austerity there will always be attacks on workers and their families.

I pledge that if elected to AGS, I will seek to intensify a whole worker approach to our organising and political campaigning.

Political Power

PCS ADC policy is now clear that a Corbyn government is in the interest of PCS members.  I am firmly supportive of the policy and look forward to the NEC’s consultation on how we can deliver this.

I helped design the current PCS campaign unit and managed its set up. I have confidence in our political strategy of deepening our influence with the shadow front bench. The opportunity of a radical Labour government introducing policies aligned to our own should not be missed. 

I designed and delivered the union’s political strategy in the Scottish independence referendum.  PCS was commended for genuinely engaging our Scottish membership in the debate, where other unions lacked. 

I understand the nuances of the Scotland, Wales and N Ireland devolved political environments.  I work on a cross-party basis in the interest of PCS members.  I am therefore uniquely placed to drive our work on constitutional matters including Brexit, independence referendums and work in the devolved nations.