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I’m standing in this election because I care deeply about the future of PCS, the union I have worked for, for over 14 years. I want to state very clearly that I am fully committed to PCS members based in workplaces running this union. I think it’s the only way forward for rebuilding PCS as a strong and powerful industrial force in the UK.

You can read my launch declaration here.

It is my core belief that the working class builds cells for its own defence. These ‘cells’ exist in every office, in every canteen, in every site where we have a PCS presence. I have supported my team of officers and organisers in Scotland to work with branches to find these cells and recruit them to our union, as members, reps and advocates.

My guiding principle for managing the staff team in Scotland has been to ensure they work to support PCS reps, not to act on their behalf.

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