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Growing Our Union

Reps & Advocates

In order to grow our membership, I pledge to support existing reps, many of whom have had their facility time cut, face increasing workloads and are swamped under a personal case load generated by hostile employers. I strongly support the introduction of the union advocate role. By recruiting an army of advocates, PCS can build a union culture based in the workplace that raises union profile and power. Advocates are different from reps. 

No workplace should be without at least one advocate tasked with building the power of the union on the ground.

No branch should have unfilled reps positions.

If elected to AGS, I pledge to grow the union capacity through increasing participation of advocates and reps in the life of our union.

Union Culture

A healthy union culture means every worker being a union member, and every member being able to organise their colleagues to win on the issues that are important to you. By building our activist capacity through support for existing reps and recruiting new advocates, our membership will grow.

I want to develop a union culture in which members believe in their own power under the banner of  “our union”.  Reps will be familiar with members asking "what is the union doing for us?" PCS is not a ‘third party’ to simply service union members. I want to support reps to empower members to feel like PCS is their union, not just ‘the union’.

If elected as AGS I pledge to deeply engage with the national organising strategy to expand an organising culture that empowers workers to organise and win bottom up successes in their workplaces with the support of local advocates and reps.