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Since announcing I am seeking nomination to stand for Assistant General Secretary of PCS, I have received some amazing messages of support. Here are just some of the messages I’ve received from PCS members across the UK and Government departments, as well as activists, organisers and politicians from the wider labour and trade union movement. To join my campaign or add your name to the list of endorsers, sign up HERE.


"I am delighted Lynn is standing for Assistant General Secretary. Her stance on pay, equalities and the union's political strategy all mean that she would make an excellent AGS."

-  Mark Serwotka, 
PCS General Secretary


"I am delighted that Lynn has decided to put her name forward for the AGS position in PCS. Lynn is the perfect person to fill this role and will use her many years experience and unquestionable commitment to the union to deliver on behalf of all PCS members."

- Brian Campfield, General Secretary NIPSA 2011-17
President Irish Congress of Trade Unions 2015-17
Former President & Secretary Belfast Trades Union Council 


“Over the years Lynn has consistently demonstrated leadership skills of the highest degree on behalf of PCS. Lynn has campaigned tirelessly and actively to promote the changes needed to enable a better supported and paid work force of members. I have known Lynn for a number of years and have witnessed her dedication to the promotion of PCS ideals. This is always done altrustically for the benefit of PCS members be it an individual or when collectively bargaining for members. I have absolutely no qualms about giving my wholehearted support to Lynn knowing as I do that all Lynn's qualities as the successful AGS candidate will be fully utilised in achieving the absolute best for PCS members.”

- Jacqueline Green, PCS Vice President


“I have no hesitation in giving my personal endorsement to Lynn as our next AGS. Over the years she has done incredible work on behalf of PCS and has fought tirelessly on behalf of all members. She is the best candidate for this post and if elected will, together with Mark Serwotka make us stronger as a union and provide that extra strength that is needed to make us the best fighting union in the country.”

- Andy Whitelaw, PCS Group Vice  PresidenT, Scottish Government


“I support Lynn because she has all of the qualities to make a brilliant AGS and deliver for members.  I have worked with Lynn on PCS campaigns and know that she has the ability to work with all groups of PCS membership.  She has gained much respect and support from the wider union movement, which I know she will bring to the table when negotiating on behalf of PCS members if elected.”

- PaulA Brown, Health and Safety Executive branch


“I am backing Lynn Henderson for AGS. She has pledged to increase visibility for women and under represented groups in the PCS. And do her up most to recruit and retain young members, to help build and grow our union so we can keep on winning the increasingly challenging battles ahead of us.”

- Felicity Flynn, PCS NEC and Labour cLLR


"I am endorsing Lynn Henderson for Assistant General Secretary, because I feel we need change. Around 60% of our members are female, we need to reflect that voice in the leadership of PCS. Our union needs a strong, vibrant leadership who can help us push forwards on a bold programme in today's hostile industrial climate. I believe Lynn offers us a chance to build our organisation."

- Pete Rofe, DWP Stoke Branch Secretary


“I’m supporting Lynn because we need to change.  Lynn’s campaign is about revitalising union democracy and building an environment where every member plays their part in organising and campaigning to achieve our aims.  Lynn has committed herself unequivocally to supporting the national pay campaign, and the priorities set by our members at ADC.  Lynn’s record and vision inspires confidence that together we can deliver our bold aims.”

- James Cox, 
Home Office Group President


"I have no hesitation in giving my personal endorsement for Lynn as our next AGS. Over the years she has campaigned and fought tirelessly on behalf of members and will be a force to be reckoned with in uncertain times when we need strong and committed leadership more than ever".

-  Malcolm Clark,
Scottish Government Group President 


"PCS has a majority female membership, and Lynn Henderson's candidacy for AGS offers the opportunity to reflect this in the senior leadership. I am supporting Lynn as she is a principled socialist who is committed to progressing the national pay campaign to deliver the results PCS members deserve." 

-  Jon Morgan, Branch Chair, 
Home Office Croydon


"I have known and worked with Lynn Henderson for more than 30 years. She’s a feminist and socialist whose commitment, loyalty and strategic thinking are second to none. She is a superb organiser and negotiator and has always been willing to lead from the front.  I value Lynn’s strength. her fighting spirit and her clear focus. She’d make a superb AGS, working alongside Mark Serwotka to continue to build a strong, fighting PCS"


- Jennifer Young, Former PCS Group Officer
Scottish Government Group


"I fully support Lynn's candidacy for PCS Assistant General Secretary. Lynn says "My overriding priority is building our members’ power to win better pay". I hope my PCS friends and colleagues back Lynn, too!"

- Gez Kirby, PCS ONS Group President


"I do not hesitate to support Lynn's candidacy for PCS Assistant General Secretary. I never fail to be impressed by her professionalism and commitment which is demonstrated in all she does. Lynn would be a fantastic AGS for the union."

-  David Henderson, PCS Scottish Government GEC 
& West of Scotland Branch


"I have no hesitation in giving my personal endorsement for Lynn as our next AGS. Over the years she has campaigned and fought tirelessly on behalf of members and will be a force to be reckoned with in uncertain times when we need strong and committed leadership more than ever".

-  Graham Ross, Branch Chair, PCS Scottish Parliament Branch

"I am supporting Lynn for AGS. She has a proud history of delivering real improvmeents in working conditions for PCS members throughout her time in the Union. Lynn is also a tireless campaigner with the industrial skills and political judgement needed to guide the union to greater success. She would be an outstanding AGS"

- Andy Jennings, Former PCS NEC 


"Having worked closely with Lynn for a number of years, I was constantly inspired by her professionalism, commitment and capacity for original thinking. This was never more evident than in her furtherance of political and industrial campaigns which she delivers with a savvy and sophistication that any serious trade unionist would admire."

- Peter Middleman, Former PCS NEC
 and North West Regional Secretary


"“I have known Lynn for 15 years through fighting austerity, campaigning for world class public services, standing up against racism, and encouraging women and young people to be active in their trade unions.  She has been able to work across political boundaries and is acknowledged to be a top class negotiator.  Lynn will be an outstanding AGS for PCS, and will always put members first before any other consideration."

-  Chris Stephens SNP MP


"Lynn someone who gets things done and brings people along with her.  Within a few minutes of meeting her, you feel like you have known her forever and there's no doubt that you are part of the same team. She is positive, constructive and 'can do' and in a time of great turmoil her skills are a winning combination."

-  Nancy Platts, Brighton & Hove City Cllr, 
former trade union adviser to Jeremy Corbyn


"Lynn is a great role model for women in the union. She would be an ideal choice for Assistant General Secretary and she has always supported our branch."

- Anne Johnson , PCS Branch Secretary, National Museum of Scotland Branch


"I support  Lynn for AGS because she is a champion of women, and therefore a champion of people. I believe she has the skill and experience, as well as the empathy, compassion, and drive to lead our union"

- Nadine Gorman, PCS Member, East Kilbride


"Can’t think of a better woman to lead PCS union. Fantastic role model for lots of young women in the TU movement. Lynn is a fantastic role model for lots of younger women in the trade union and labour movement."

- Eireann McAuley, Unite Young Member Rep


"Good for PCS and wider movement. Lynn Henderson will be a great Assistant General Secretary for one of the UKs most important and forward looking trade unions. Important for the Trade Union movement, if it is to evolve into a force relevant for this uncertain time that they have leaders like Lynn. If you know any civil servants please encourage them to support Lynn."

-  Willie Sullivan, Deputy Director, Electoral Reform Society 


"Great move sister – no matter what happens. Because the movement has plenty of strong, radical and talented women with great leadership skills – we just exclude them from key roles.  Just the simple act of one woman standing for a post like this sends a signal to women in all unions. The message is “you can do this, we can do this”.  I think that’s wonderful and important for all our unions."

-  Peter Hunter, UNISON Scotland, Head of Organising


"Great news that Lynn Henderson, our current STUC president, is standing for AGS of her union, PCS. She’s the real deal and would be an asset to her union in this role. Go for it sister!"

- Roz Foyer, Unite senior organiser, former PCS & CPSA Rep


"I have known Lynn Henderson probably since the Poll Tax campaign. In every major struggle that has faced the Labour and Trade Union movement Lynn has led from the front. She is courageous and principled and she would make an excellent AGS."

- Vince Mills, Unite/UCU retired member


"I am delighted to support Lynn for PCS AGS. I have known her for over 15 years and she has always been encouraging and supportive of members and reps old and new. She is steeped in the Trade Union movement and works tirelessly to achieve a successful, campaigning Union that reflects our membership and their needs."

- Scott Wilson, PCS Branch Chair, DfE Scotland


"It is wonderful to see a woman of Lynn Henderson’s record standing for AGS of PCS union. Committed to grassroots organising & a member led approach. It is time for the amazing women in the trade union movement to lead it."

- Jennifer McCarey, Chair, Glasgow Trades Council


"I have known and liked and respected Lynn for over 35 years since our days of student activism in the early 80s Thatcher’s Britain. She was fighting for justice and equality then and hasn’t stopped. Lynn would be an exceptional AGS of the union."

- Jim Doran, Former National Officer, PCS


"I’m proud to back Lynn, for the many years I have known her, she has been a fighter and a campaigner for justice & equality, who has been uncompromising in her support for the anti-racist movement- she has a track record of fighting to give a voice to the voiceless and never says no! I can think of no one better to stand as AGS for the PCS."

- Aamer Anwar, Human Rights Lawyer & Justice Campaigner


"Lynn Henderson is someone I have know for twenty years. She is totally committed to serving the members of PCS and is driven by a desire to improve the terms and conditions of all members. Lynn is a committed socialist and feminist who would make an excellent Assistant General Secretary of PCS. I urge you to support her campaign."

- Neil Findlay, Member of the Scottish Parliament


"I fully support Lynn in her campaign for the role of AGS and firmly believe that her desire to see equality and fairness as cornerstones will bring about a successful campaign."

- Allan MacKenzie, PCS ARMs Scotland Secretary


“Good luck. If I wasn’t in Australia I would be right there behind you! Go well! "

- Eilisha Mullane,  former PCS young members organiser, now Australian Education Union


“I am a far better Trade Unionist, and a far better person, for having learned from and worked with Lynn Henderson, and PCS is a better Union for the work she has done.”

- Hamish Drummond, Pcs member, dundee


“As this year's STUC president Lynn, your focus and dedication has been outstanding. Your inclusive approach and supportive attitude is what our movement needs - and you do it eith style and grace. I am hugely impressed by your dedication to improve the lives of working people. Good luck and thank you.”

- Lilian Macer, Convenor Unison Scotland


“I think Lynn would be a great AGS. As a fellow socialist and feminist, I believe she has a plan to win for PCS members and to make our union more diverse.”

- Mags Binns, PCS Member, DWP GLasgow


“Lynn is a tireless campaigner for equality, fairness and justice for all. A trade union sister who encourages and lifts up others around her. We need strong women like Lynn who know how to build union strength leading at the very front of our movement.”

- Suki Sangha, Black Workers Rep on the STUC General Council


“Lynn Henderson has never waivered in her support for other trade union women, including me. It takes courage to stand for election and Lynn has never shone away from that. A socialist woman standing on a platform of equality and organising. She has my full support.”

  • Denise Christie, FBU Scottish regional secretary:


“The BEC at the National Museums of Scotland wholeheartedly supports the nomination of Lyn Henderson for the role of Assistant General Secretary of the PCS Union. We were involved in a long running industrial dispute during which and preceding the dispute Lyn was incredibly supportive.”

- Robert burns, chair, pcs national museum of scotland branch


“My branch are backing Lynn to rejuvenate PCS. We all recognise it’s time for a change in the AGS post, this change is for the future of the PCS. Vote Lynn and watch your union vote again.”

- Kirk Porter, branch secretary, PCS palace of westminster SECURITY branch


“For my friends in PCS, Lynn Henderson would be an exceptional AGS. She has a long and proud record of standing up, not just for workers but defending and defending and speaking out for the most vulnerable in society. I have had the pleasure of working alongside her on the STUC General Council. Brilliant and inspirational woman, true socialist”

- Jenny Douglas, National LGBT members seat, unite executive


“I am supporting Lynn. She has given a lot of support, advice and solidarity to our branch over the years. Lynn has supported the learning agenda also. Lynn will make a fantastic AGS.”

- gail bell, branch secretary, PCS dwp fife


“As a former member of the IRSF I have known Lynn for quite some time. My former union would take another leap forward with Lynn as AGS. Good luck, sister!”

- GORDON Munro, local councillor


“I’ve been an activist for over 30 years and I am supporting Lynn’s AGS campaign 100%. FTO’s and members need to work together and her inclusive and non partisan approach make her the right person for the job. She is right to put pay at the heart of her campaign and her commitment to inclusion and equality within the labour and trade union movement is what PCS needs.”

- Joanne mcauley, PCS forestry commission group organiser


“Beyond a doubt, I support Lynn in her nomination for Assistant General Secretary.Genuinely committed to PCS in her current role, I am confident Lynn will bring new energy along with new ideas whilst leading on diversity, equality and inclusion. Focusing on member engagement ensuring all members voices are heard whilst allowing for fuller democracy. Lynn will partner the change for all its members.”

- lorna binnie, retired pcs member and local councillor


“Lynn has been an outstanding Scottish Secretary and as a socialist, a feminist and a highly effective campaigner she has my full support in her campaign for AGS. She has a proven track record delivering for members in the Scottish administration and I know she will use that experience to lead the UK-wide fight for fair pay.”

- isabel drummond-murray, PCS member, scottish government


“Your vision for the way forward resonates with me particularly around membership involvement in both the democratic processes and day to day running of branches. You've always provided support and advice when needed especially in my early days as a branch officer and are a great asset to our union.”

- Amanda o’hare, PCS dwp fife treasurer