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Let Democracy Flourish

Turnouts in internal union elections is poor. Lots of AGMs are often far from quorate. We’ve had a long-standing commitment as a union, that every member has the right be active in the union at every level, but often no-one recognises they can get fully involved. Reps will recognise the retort of ‘what’s the union doing about this?’ without realising that every member is the union. I want PCS to be so democratic that one day, ordinary members see a clear path from the shop floor to the General Secretary’s office. PCS has elections every year, but hardly anyone participates. If members really are the union, we need to change that culture. I start as I mean to go on: I want to increase participation in this election too. As well as pledging to you that I will improve democratic participation in the union, I’m asking you to be the change you want to see.