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Let Democracy Flourish

Internal Elections

There are issues of democratic participation that I think we need to address.

I am concerned that turnout in internal union elections is poor and has been declining for years. I know there are structural issues over ballot address updating and employer internal mailing systems failing us. But as a trade union we need to address why so few members participate.

Too many elections are uncontested and too many of our branch AGMs are inquorate. By tolerating poor participation from members meetings, we send a terrible signal to the bosses.

Reps will recognise the retort of ‘what’s the union doing about this?’ without realising that every member is the union..

PCS has a long-standing commitment as a union that every member has the right be active in the union at every level.  By not exercising that right, our membership at large are not choosing to exercise their own power.

Be the Change

I start as I mean to go on: I want to increase participation in this election too. In the AGS election, I aim to engage more branches and members in the process of our democracy to increase participation and bring vibrancy back into our electoral and democratic processes.

As well as pledging to you that I will improve democratic participation in the union, I’m asking you to be the change you want to see. You can volunteer for my campaign HERE.