Guest Blog by Keith Stoddart, Secretary, Peoples Assembly Scotland (personal capacity)

Since 2014 I have had the privilege to serve alongside sister Henderson on the Steering Committee of the People’s Assembly Scotland where she is vice chairperson and I’m secretary.

I would like to endorse her campaign for AGS of PCS as she offers a style of Trade Union leadership that is not common but is needed for these times. The struggles of our class extend beyond the workplace and the attacks on the services on the families and their communities rely on are something she takes seriously and acts appropriately.

Her support for the People’s Assembly in taking TU’s out of the workplace and into the wider anti cut’s movement puts her firmly in the tradition of TU organisers also being leaders in the wider movement. She brings her own organisational skills in the fight recognising that our “social wage” needs defending in the same way as wages and conditions.

While her becoming AGS will undoubtably be of benefit for PCS members a victory will also give the broader movement a champion at the highest level.

Written in a personal capacity.

lynn henderson