Statement on Left Unity Re-selection Result

The outcome of the PCS Left Unity re-selection for an Assistant General Secretary candidate is regrettable.

As a socialist woman, and supporter of Janice Godrich I believed she had put forward a clear agenda and direction for our union. When I announced my candidacy for AGS five weeks ago, the agreement between myself and Janice on key areas of strategy – such as national pay - was detailed for all to see.

I respected the subsequent decision of Stella Dennis to pursue nomination within Left Unity. Despite her defeat, Stella has been a stalwart for the union and someone I have worked with for many years and who I admire and respect.

I continue to stand as a socialist trade union woman who will support the agreed Democracy Alliance candidates for the NEC.

It is now clear that unlike Chris Baugh (the current AGS) and John Moloney, I am the only declared candidate that:

• fully supports the NEC's pay strategy of an aggregated national ballot for strike action;

• has a plan to win involving deep organising in workplaces;

• backs the union’s consultation to increase to 50% women on the NEC and will lead from the front to increase diversity and inclusion at all levels in PCS;

• unequivocally supports the union's political strategy on a Corbyn led government

• has enjoyed the confidence and support for 14 years of our general secretary Mark Serwotka.

All of these factors are more pertinent now than at any time, as we face a weakening Tory government, Brexit uncertainty and an important general election. Unity in PCS on our national pay campaign and our political strategy is absolutely essential.

Over these weeks, I have demonstrated my breadth of support and standing throughout the labour and trade union movement. I have received encouragement, backing and endorsement from many PCS reps and members already.

On this basis, I now call on everyone who agrees with me on these matters, to demonstrate their support by backing me for a positive future for our union.

Now that nominations are formally open, I appeal to PCS branches to consider nominating me to go on the ballot for an all-members vote.

lynn henderson