My Track Record…

Along with senior lay activists and my team in Scotland, I have been central in forcing the Scottish Government to break the pay cap in 2017. I have refused to negotiate on jobs-for-pay plans and categorically refused to rule out strike action in the Scottish civil service over continued pay cuts. I successfully negotiated a landmark agreement on Fair Work which secures facility time, check off and union recognition in the Scottish Government and associated bodies. By electing me as AGS, I can work with key negotiators to win at the bargaining table for the next five years.

Winning For Our Union

The National Pay Campaign

I am in favour of a strategic, national ballot. A disaggregated ballot with discrete demands are tactically wrong. A disaggregated ballot plays into the bosses agenda, allowing them to divide and rule on departmental pay. I welcome the NEC’s decision to deepen our organising effort in workplaces, consult widely on for a further statutory ballot in the Spring for a single civil service-wide national ballot for strike action on pay. And I believe we can win.

This next pay ballot must be used as an opportunity to pull our resources and grow our union’s industrial power. We cannot leave members in lower participation areas behind on pay. I believe that in order to win on our key national industrial demands at the negotiating table, we must have a high density and high participation union culture across every employer, group, region and nation in the UK.

Winning Locally means winning nationally

Local confidence is key to winning nationally. When union members win on branch demands, then they have the confidence to win on sector-wide things, like pay and PMR. When PCS can’t win at a local level, then it’s harder to get people to turnout to vote on pay in a national ballot.

-DWP- HMRC – MoJ group pay and industrial issues

Industrial Action Strategy

I support the hundreds of branches who have contributed to our industrial action strategy. I support their call for sustained, targeted action supported by a fighting fund.

If you want to win locally, in your department and nationally, then sign up to my campaign here.